Particulate Matter Citizen Information Network

By Community Mapping Center

About Us

Particulate Matter Citizen Information Network

PMCIN (Particulate Matter Citizen Information Network) is a citizen-participation based project that collects data about the levels of particulate matter and provides scientific data for the analysis of the reasoning behind respective fine dust levels, the prospective solutions, and the evaluations of environmental policies that are associated with particulate matter. This project is a collaboration between the Korean Community Mapping Center and Mappler in the United States. 
  • Particulate Matter Monitoring Sensors are funded by the donations of citizens, educational institutions, and volunteers.
  • The Mappler Air Sensor System: MASS measures the amount of PM 2.5, PM 10, temperature, humidity, and CO2
  • The data collected will be integrated real time with climate, traffic, and industrial facilities
  • The results analyzed through machine learning and deep learning will be processed into a map form, so everyone can visualize the data with ease
  • The data is shared to researchers to further their studies on particulate matter 
Through this project, we also hope to raise awareness of the importance of Citizen Science. We encourage and support that everyone, not only the experts, can find scientific solutions to the everyday problems their communities face. The Community Mapping Center is currently helping students and citizens analyze PM data to mitigate the the effects of it.

Our Team

Dr. Wansoo Im

Founder and Executive Director

JaeChun Noh

Vice Executive Director in Business and Operation

Jeongsub Park

Firmware Developer

Seungmin Woo

Web Application Developer
Application Development

David Park

Director in Application Development
Application Development

Don Kim

Project Coordinator for K-12 Education
Outreach Administration

Ethan Summar

Assistant Project Coordinator
Outreach Administration


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