Particulate Matter Citizen Information Network

By Community Mapping Center


Particulate Matter Community Mapping Progress

  • Samyang Elementary School
    • Indoor and outdoor Community Mapping for 6th graders
  • Deokgye Elementary School in Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
    • Assembled PM monitoring kit with 3rd graders and mapped inside of the school
    • Currently, the sensors are monitoring the PM levels of the gyms and the auditoriums
  • Songnae High School
  • Kookmin University
    • Students assembled PM monitoring kit and mapped PM levels near the subway (5/17/2019)
  • HBCU Wellness Student Health Ambassador Fine Dust Monitor Construction and Community Mapping  (July 3rd, 2019)
    •  Historically Black Colleges and University Student Ambassador health Community Mapping
    • Assembling PM monitor kit and Community Mapping
  • Community Mapping for PM2.5: National Library of Medicine (NIH)
    • Planning to use the funding to assemble PM Sensor kit and go Community Mapping
  • Knowles Assisted Living, Nashville, TN
    • Assembling PM Sensor kit with the elderly and etc.
  • University of North Texas
    • PM Sensing Project
  • University of New Mexico  (Nepal):
    • Planning to use PMCIN's sensors for University of New Mexico's Nepal citizen-participation project
  • Chatham High School in New Jersey:
    • Planning to use PMCIN's sensor kit for the environmental project at New Jersey Chatham High School
  • Planning to have a PM Workshop in Mexico City, Mexico   (November 2019)
  • EPA  funding :  Heather
  • Sierra Club