Particulate Matter Citizen Information Network

By Community Mapping Center


Community Mapping PM Sensors

  • In all parts of developing the Mappler Air Sense System (MASS), the focus has been on accuracy and precision. The sensors used were selected to collect and provide accurate data in various environmental situations.
  • The modular design of MASS allows each user to utilize the device according to their need. The standard configuration of the device includes WiFi to connect to the database, a polymer capacity temperature sensor, relative humidity sensor, and particulate matter sensor that accurately measures the size and amount of the PM within a diameter of 0.3μm to 10μm by the laser dispersion technology that is stored in a metal case that attenuates the interference.
  • A lithium polymer battery (1600mAh) charged via USB is included to capture data while moving, and the addable CO2 sensor can provide more information about the air quality.
  • The laser-cut acrylic version of MASS is provided in both a kit and a pre-assembled form. A logo can be added according to the user’s purpose of the device.
  • All of the data is streamed through WiFi into the cloud service (http://www.mise.today), which allows the integration of various Mappler GIS mobile and web data visualization programs.


  • Kit Form
    • Indoors/Portable
    • Outdoors
  • Pre-assembled
    • Indoors/Portable
    • Outdoors